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          1. PRODUCTS

            CONTACT US
            E-Lan Car Components Manufacture(Pinghu) Co.,Ltd
            Add: No.1199, Xinxing 2nd Rd., Economic Development Zone, Pinghu, Zhejiang prov.
            Tel:+86-573-85078999 85078992
            LED Photoelectric Series
            Your Present Location:Home - LED Photoelectric Series
             Central stop lamp
            It can effectively release a brake warning signal to the driver following behind so that the latter can react promptly to ensure life safety. With unique advantages over traditional halogen lamp, it is very likely to take the lead in the future.
             Welcoming projection lamp
            The delightful visual effect can improve your car grade. The projection pattern at night warns others.

             Daytime running light
            Your car looks more fashionable, and more important, easily recognized.

             Cornering lamp
            It has fashionable appearance. In addition, it can improve driving safety.

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